The Best Food Trucks In Brooklyn, NY

Street Food is the best anywhere and anyone can attest to that fact that food from food trucks sometimes tastes the best. Perhaps it’s because you’re hungry and those are conveniently located for you to have a quick bite when you’re famished without paying a bomb or they’re actually the best in terms of taste, but here are a few food trucks that have gained quite a reputation in Brooklyn for dishing out the best foods.

So wait no longer, head there now – these food trucks are waiting to give you a slice of heaven to go.

  • Hard Times Sundaes

You’ll find this on 58th Street and to tell you just how good it is, it was a finalist in the 2015 Vendy Awards. The Vendy Awards are awards dished out to the best street vendors in NY. Now you know just how big New York really is, so to be considered as a finalist is high praise indeed and a testament to the great food available here. What has got people raving about this food truck is the bacon cheeseburger that is coked quickly due to its thin diner style patty size which means you get served your dish as fast as possible so

your hungry stomach is not kept waiting for too long. Topped with heavenly bacon as well as American cheese that is the staples of this burger business.

  • Tacos El Bronco


If you’re hungry and you’re somewhere near 37th Street (5th Avenue) you should head over to this food truck because it will put all other foods to shame. If you’re a vegetarian, you should walk away but if you’re a meat lover, then you’ll be in meat bliss. This is probably the best tacos in New York City and has all the original flavor of the authentic taco. This is the real deal and the delicious tacos are not to be missed.

  • Carpe Donut NYC

The saying goes Carpe Diem, meaning seize the day and if you’re anywhere near this food truck and have a sweet tooth, you should definitely seize one donut in the very least. The hot regular donuts are the big draw and it attracts people from all over the city. If you’re looking for something different, you could try out the Ice cream sandwich, but our recommendation will be to go for the tried and tested and absolutely loved route of the regular donut.

  • The Steel Cart

You want real food then this is the place. Order in your solid grits topped with Gouda, bacon, kale and fried egg. If you want a healthier option you can opt for the amazing oatmeal with the banana foster or apple crumble topping.  You won’t be disappointed.


  • El Olomega

You’ll find this on Bay Street and Clinton Street and the pupusas can be made to order with pork and cheese included. Get some salsa, sour cream and pickled cabbage thrown in and you’ve got deliciousness in every bite. Its spring/ summer right no so the chances are pretty high of finding this food truck at the Red Hook Ball Fields.

  • Tacos Morelos

On Bedford Avenue, this is reputed to serve up some of the best tacos in the city. It is also the winner of Best Taco in the Village Voice 2011 Best of Issue. From hand patted tortillas to carnitas, barbacoas and carne enchiladas, these dished inspire battles as some patrons have stated that they would fight someone over them.

With the carne enchilada torta being a well priced $6, this flavorful bomb is a real value deal.

Seeing it like a Local: A Brooklyn Food Tour

Food is a topic that can charge anyone up – no matter how lazy you are. After all, you have to eat. Whether your motto is you eat to live or live to eat, you need to eat – period.  And there’s no fun in just about eating to stay alive, if you know what I mean. If you’re gonna eat, you may as well eat WELL. Eat yummy foods

– and what’s better than to learn more about the places, locations and the history of the neighborhood of local eateries.

The Brooklyn Food Tour involves you feasting on delicious dishes from local eateries located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You get to learn about the history of the restaurants and food joints, walk around to enjoy the local art which include large scaled street art and the best thing of all, you get to have an excellent view of the New York City skyline. This is a great way to spend an afternoon where incredible food is prepared for you and this tour will make sure that you experience and taste Williamsburg like a local by the time you’re done.


The tour begins at the Bedford Avenue L subway stop which is only four minutes away from Manhattan and the minute the tour starts, the eating commences. It is called a food tour for a reason. You get to see the best of the old and new sections of Williamsburg and the eateries that are visited as part of the tour include Northside Bakery where you can sample traditional Polish baked treats like pierogis, Best Pizza, Momofoku Milk Bar,

The Bagel Store, Pies and Thighs, The Bagel Store, Odd Fellows Ice Cream, Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory ad Pudge Knuckles Coffee.

As you can see, the progression of the tour ensures that you have starters, a good hearty meal followed by various desserts and you can top it all with an incredible coffee stop where you learn about coffee and get special tastings too. Although the tour runs every Saturday a special tour can be created to be run any time of the week. Be prepared for some walking to not only eat your way through Williamsburg, but also to walk off the food you’ve eaten so you’re ready for the next session of sampling. With just about three hours of walking over a distance of two miles and with seven samplings, you know you’re in for a foodie feast!


Of course, water will be provided constantly throughout the tour and it is recommended you come prepared for the tour with a good comfortable pair of walking shoes because walking for three hours in heels will be no picnic. There have been some great reviews about the food tour with some people saying that this tour provided a great way to experience what Brooklyn has to offer like a local. You get to see the local sights, the best local foods while learning more about the place itself.

There are not many tours that offer such insight into the local food history and heritage of the place itself. This is why a food tour is so unique. You are almost guaranteed to walk away from the your with a good experience of it. How could you not? There’s food, information, sightseeing at the same time.

You get to see a side of Brooklyn that only locals are privileged to see – that puts you in a better spot that most tourists or even some locals. This tour comes highly recommended for people who love to indulge their appetites with authentic, great local food.

Iconic Brooklyn Restaurants

Any city will have its share of iconic restaurants – places where people absolutely rave about, places where the reputation precedes it and places where the décor or the cuisine is to die for. The following restaurants are deemed to be amongst the top bets restaurants in Brooklyn and are also considered to the top iconic ones in the area.

So if you’re around any of these places, head over there to get your taste buds tingling and your belly filled and content.

  • The Islands

There are various kinds of restaurants in any city – ones where you are guaranteed to spend your month’s salary, ones where the atmosphere is uptight and snobbish, where you have to dress to impress and then there are restaurants where you can let your hair down so to speak and enjoy the food for what it is – great, delicious unpretentious food. This is such a place – where you can expect to be seated and get a filling meal full of flavor in a vibrant setting.

Located in Crown Heights, you can eat a wholesome healthy meal of rice and peas, vegetable curry and oxtail stew for $10. With this price point, great food and casual ambience, The Islands is a place that will like a second kitchen.

  • Ferdinando’s Focacceria


Located in a quiet corner of Union Street Block on the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, Ferdinando’s Focacceria is an Italian restaurant that is more than a hundred years old. It has been serving up its authentic Sicilian specialties for decades and you should definitely try out Arancina which is rice balls filled with spicy chopped meat, peas and a smidgeon of sauce. Priced at a very reasonable $3.50, you can upgrade yourself for the Arancina special which comes with dollops of cheese and tomato sauce. Other well known specialties of this restaurant are Vestedda which is a sandwich of spleen, grated cheese ad ricotta on a freshly baked roll and Pasta con Sarde, pasta which has pine nuts, sardines, raisins and wild fennel. Before you think it sounds very strange, trust us on this, it will be something your stomach will thank us for. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been going string since 1904. Visit this place for a touch of old Brooklyn authenticism, cultural tourism as well as an invaluable history lesson.

  • Franny’s

How can a pizzeria not be included in this list? Everyone loves pizza – and a good pizza is even rarer and more loved. It’s no oldie goldie like Ferdinando’s Focacceria, but this relatively newcomer can dish up the meanest pizza you’ve ever had. Opened in 2004 by Andrew Steinberg and Francine Stephens, this restaurant is located on Flatbrush Avenue and attracts a fair share of people. In the short span of time it’s been operational, it’s come to represent what a true Brooklyn pizzeria should really be. Sample their perfect pastas, excellent pizzas, renowned clam pies or their classic Margheritas.


Recently having moved from their 32 seating location in Prospect Heights to their spacious location which can seat nearly three times the number, it has also expanded its menu and wine list. They can now boast of two wood burning pizza ovens to get their patrons freshly baked hot-off-the-oven pizzas to a bigger bar to accommodate the people who are looking to have a sip or two of a few drinks.

This place may not be your conventional pizzeria and may not conjure up typical images that would come to mind when you think of a pizzeria, it definitely has become an iconic part of the Brooklyn image.

Chomping On The Best Burgers in Brooklyn, NY

What’s the most American food you can think of? Steaks, yes. But hamburgers are the quintessential food that most Americans and the world have come to associate with the US. So when it comes to fast food and burgers, it makes us wonder which places in Brooklyn offers the best burgers this side of the Atlantic. With so many burger joints popping up, separating the authentic from the fake has become tougher as most people eat what is most convenient, but the matter of taste still remains

– here are the places we feel that offer the best burgers in Brooklyn, NY and make spectacular burgers that make your mouth water.

  • Thistle Hill

Located in Park Slope, Thistle Hill is known for its organic, grass-fed beef patty that seems to be cooked to perfection every single time you go there. To add that little touch of something extra, it is served on a yummy squishy potato roll. Add a layer of cheese to this concoction with a few strips of crisp bacon and you’ve got yourself a rich burger that will reveal yummy insides of sour pickles, juicy tomatoes and fresh green lettuce. Order salt and pepper fries as a side and you’re good to go!


  • Brooklyn Beet Company

The name may not seem too appealing, but this nontraditional burger is the perfect example when chefs take the route least taken. You end up with something unique but as tasty as anything. Think of a juicy, medium rare patty that is nestled inside lángos which is a fried Hungarian flatbread. Throw in some Emmentaler cheese that melts over the patty, thick slices of bacon,

tart pickles and beer mustard (yes, you heard correctly) along with a healthy dollop of the restaurant’s secret beet ketchup and you’ll be in for a gastronomic delight.

  • Sea Witch Tavern

This place is accessible by the R train as well as it is one of the most affordable burgers on the list at only $6.50. What makes it noteworthy is the three different meat blends used – brisket, chuck and short rib – which have high fat content that makes the patty ooze with flavor even though it is one of the thinnest patties on this list. It has the perfect all American toppings like slices of tomato, leaves of iceberg lettuce, sliced onion as well as the cheese that is the ‘cherry’ of the burger. This feels like the homemade burger your dad used to make in the backyard and it will keep you coming back for more.

  • Emily

Located of Fullerton Street, this is renowned for the ‘Emmy’ burger which is hidden gem amongst the multitudes of burger rhinestones. What makes the burgers here different is the pretzel buns, onions and the sauces used as a topping. With well cooked ingredients and well done fries, you really cannot ask for anything more.


  • Ox Cart Tavern

You’re looking for the best gastropub in Brooklyn? You need not look any further. If you’re looking for an alternative or option to the classic beef burger, this place has a variety of burgers at its ‘Burger Board’ that will have you wondering what to have next. From a turkey option to even a veggie option for the vegetarians out there to an ahi tuna burger, this place has it all. But if you’re a foodie and are looking for the best on the menu,

try out the half pound ‘Ox’ burger which is a burger classic if we ever saw one. Unadorned apart from a tomato slice, onion and lettuce and a good helping of ketchup, it’s all you really need.

Budget Conscious Eating in Brooklyn

New York is not known for being a cheap city to live in. The rents can be astronomical, depending upon where you stay but food doesn’t necessarily have to be so. There are great places to eat in Brooklyn even if you have only a few dollars in your pocket.

If you want those few dollars to go far, but don’t want to compromise on the quality or taste of your food, here is a list of places that will tempt your taste buds without leaving you broke.

  • Battersby

Bon Appétit rated this restaurant as one of the best restaurants in America in 2012, but it still serves high quality food which you can eat without shelling out a whole lot. It has built up a reputation for serving up the meanest salads and its farm-to-table cuisine, epically the kale salad. Admittedly, the entrees aren’t cheap, with them being priced at $30,


but since Battersby is famous for its salads, it makes no sense not to try them out while you’re there. Although the kale salad is probably not available anymore, you should try out the Watermelon salad with shishito peppers and feta which is priced at $14. Even the summer squash salad is refreshing, with currants, basil and walnuts thrown in.

All for $15. If you’re going broke and want to healthy in a nice restaurant, Battersby is your best bet.

  • Luksus

Look what opened up in the back of Greenpoint beer haven Tørst – Luksus. Although its menu is tasting only, a great curated cheese plate is available at the bar which you can have with homemade dark Danish rye bread, pickled vegetables and olives. This is all for only $12. Add another $6 for an Evil Twin Yang and you’ll get a nice buzz along with the full tummy.

  • Parish Hall

Not all the restaurants in this list offer only salads. The patty melt is available for $15 and is absolutely mouthwatering. A full meal may set you back a pretty penny, but this dish marries a succulent beef patty with lamb bacon and melty cheese between slices of rye bread. With such a delectable combination,

it’s easy to see why this dish will be irresistible. Get the fires or salad along with this and your tummy will be content and very happy with you.


  • The Elm

They say eat breakfast like a king, and there’s no better place to do that than at The Elm. While lunch and dinner is equally delectable, you could order the lobster Benedict on a homemade crumpet or the Belgian waffles with maple syrup and blackberry butter. Is your mouth already watering? This sounds a lot more gourmet than a normal breakfast dish and all of this is between $14 – $19. This restaurant brings in famous chef Paul Liebrandt and all the food is supervised and has his personal touch of approval. This just means that you can get the best from the best and pay only a margin of the cost. How wonderful is that?

  • Prospect

This is one of five iconic Brooklyn Restaurants and this is one place where you can end up spending a fair bit or even one where you can sit down for a meal without going over your budget, From truffled deviled eggs for %5 or a meatloaf sandwich for $12, this is a place where you can sit and get a creative tasting menu that will leave you craving for more.

You should also take advantage of their Lobster Monday special for $19.95. Considered to be one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, you’ll be in for a gastronomical delight.

The Best Places To Eat in Brooklyn, NY

New York is like the center of many things in the world, you’ll find the financial capital with Wall Street located in Manhattan, the famous Central Park where you will find concerts or events being held regularly and let’s not even talk about the food! With such a huge population of mixed cultures, it’s natural that there would be many restaurants that have been established that make mouth watering dishes.

Just Brooklyn in New York has some of the choicest places to eat. If you live in the area, just head over to some of these places listed here to get your slice of heaven.

  • Roberta’s

This pizzeria has grown leaps and bounds in the three years since it opened its doors. From being an under-the radar- pizzeria with no liquor license or menu, it has now become a place loved by foodies. It is well known in the Brooklyn area and beyond for its scrumplicious pizzas. But you’d be mistaken to think that the menu of this place doesn’t go beyond that. You can try out the braised tripe, sweetbreads with taleggio, pork chops and more – just call ahead of time for the tasting menu if you want to try it out.  Located off route, it sits in an off-site rooftop farm, has a catering arm and even has an in-house radio station. Talk about culinary cool – but be prepared for the crowds if you decide to head there during the weekends.


  • Beer Table

Not only do you get a wide selection of beers which makes it a popular hangout, but the food there is commendable too. There are the conventional up-market bar snacks like ricotta on toast, pickled eggs and more, but the menu extends to a three course dinner menu and an excellent cheese list. The food is worth its value and it is affordable as compared to other places in the area. You get good helpings which helps to balance out the costs of the alcohol as the special imported microbrews can get on the pricy side.

  • Mile End

Located Boerum Hill, this place serves delicious Jewish delicatessen fare that will make you wish it could accommodate more than its 20 seating capacity. Whether you come by for lunch or you drop in for dinner, there are various mouthwatering dishes to be had.

Try the chicken salad topped with either smoked mackerel or chicken skin or try out veal terrine, cholent and a variety of traditional Jewish dishes with a taste twist.

  • Pacificana

Head to the Chinatown of Brooklyn which is Borough Park to sample top of the line Chinese food. It attracts hordes of foodies during peak dim sum hours over the weekends so if you want a bite to eat, you should try coming by on a less busy time. However, it is worth coming there on the weekends just to experience the hustle and the bustle of the busy hours. Pacificana is eight years old and still running strong and people come there from all over the city to sample one its many dishes served from the carts like shrimp rolls, congee, dumplings and more.


  • Good Fork

Away from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn is a small restaurant tucked away in the neighborhood of Red Hook. Many New Yorkers love coming to this isolated neighborhood because well, it’s isolated. New York can get very hum drum and active, and to get a bit of peace and quiet while having a bite to eat s a luxury. Lack of public transport and with the area being surrounded by water on nearly all sides, this environment has proved to be the perfect recipe for allowing well loved neighborhood businesses to grow. This restaurant gives American food an

Asian twist to keep you coming back for more like their ‘Korean’ style steak and eggs, kimchi strudel with shitake or their burger or homemade pasta.

Upscale Dining For The Discerning New Yorker – Brooklyn’s Finest Restaurants

If you’ve got the dollars in your bank and you’re looking for a good time or you simply enjoy fine dining, there’s no better place than New York to sample the best dishes in the world, no matter which cuisine you prefer. Welcome to Brooklyn, the area within New York which will capture your foodie heart like no other city can,

with its wide variety of upscale restaurants that will guarantee to show you a good time as well as leave your stomach happy and satisfied.

  • The River Café

Located in Water St, Brooklyn, this upscale restaurant lies in prime real estate offering patrons a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. What better way to have a nice evening out than to watch a sunset over the Manhattan skyline accompanied with delicious fine dining? You’ll see people dressed up to the nines – no slouchy flip flops and dirty clothes will be seen here – this is upscale dining at its finest and the patrons dress the part. With professional service from the staff,

exceptional quality of food and spectacular views, this is the perfect place to go if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion.


  • Prospect

Located on Fulton Street, this place has great vibes, cocktails and friendly service if you’re looking for a new place for your dinner date. They do have a $65 tasting menu that is absolutely worth its value and the happy hour is great because of the pricing. With an intimate ambience and the quaint décor to make you feel that you’re in your own little private dinner place, Prospect is a place that you will be glad you discovered and will be glad to return there again. It serves great drinks and many patrons absolutely rave about this place. The chef pays special attention to certain requests and this place will leave you happy and your belly content.

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

This restaurant may be able to seat only a limited number of people, but the raving reviews have a long waiting list for people to get a reservation here. You may have to call a hundred times to get a spot, but all the effort and waiting is worth it. You can watch the chef at work as they diligently prepare your food – this means you always know that your meal is always prepared fresh as well as it is entertaining to watch them work their culinary magic. From visual masterpieces to mouthwatering dishes, the chefs definitely know what they’re doing – and that’s what makes this place so worth it. With an ever changing menu, you can never get bored at this place and if you think you can take pictures of your dishes for memory’s sake,


well you’ll only have your memory to serve you because taking pictures is not allowed. With the intimate seating and personable staff, you’ll want to keep going back even though it will take you nearly a hundred calls to get in.

  • The Water Table

Looking for a different dining experience will lead you to the Water Table. Go for a cruise as well as dine in an intimate setting. Think of being away from the bustling city noises and have a great view of the skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty form your boat. With 4 servers handling only 30 guests, you can be sure that you will be attended to, and promptly. Most people appreciate the boat ride as the primary point of pleasure but the food comes as a nice surprise. It’s not the typical run-of-the-mill dining that you might expect,

but it’s one with a twist that will leave you appreciative of the cruise as well as the food even though some may call it pricy at $80 along with the chance of a wait for the boat to arrive.

Welcoming the Morning in Brooklyn Style – The Best Breakfast Joints in Brooklyn

Nothing’s better than a hearty breakfast to give you a great start to your day. If eating cereal with cold milk in a hurry is not to your taste, then why not try out some of these breakfast joints in Brooklyn?

  • Tom’s Restaurant on Washington Ave.

The name seems rather common place, but don’t be mistaken about the breakfast here. Watch out for the fluffy pancakes, you’ll love them so much you’ll eat more than you should simply because they’re so delicious. Anyone will tell you about the pancakes at Tom’s restaurant, but it the choice that will get you. You can choose from cranberry pancakes, pumpkin walnut, classic chocolate chip, silver dollar, banana walnut, lemon ricotta and much more.

The world of pancakes shall be revealed to you over here. If you wish, you can even choose to have breakfast during lunch.

  • Le Barricou on Grand Street


This authentic French bistro will offer you some delicacy breakfast dishes that will get you hooked. From the conventional eggs Florentine to the unique Apple omelettes, from duck hash to pancakes, the place will give you a variety of breakfast dishes to choose from.

This place is known for its brunch, so you know you won’t get disappointed when so many people frequent this place looking to get a tasty start to their day.

  • Okonomi on Ainslie Street

Whoever said that breakfast only had to be egg and pancakes? If you’re looking for a change in your eating schedule or are simply looking for a change in cuisine, head to Okonomi. They serve beautiful Japanese inspired traditional breakfasts for only $12. You can partake of a side of brown rice topped with fresh uni and an Onsen egg. Even the ramen is absolutely yummy. As many patrons have stated, ‘the Japanese breakfast here is perfect’.

  • Court Street Grocers on Court Street

Whatever happened to the quintessential breakfast sandwich? A run and go type of a breakfast where you can eat as you travel. Located on Court Street, you can try out the sandwiches from Court Street Grocer. They change seasonally so you know what you see at one time may not be available the next and always check out any Specials they may be having. The Monte Cristo special seems to be one of the top favorites – perhaps because it has French toast bread.

  • Buttermilk channel on Court street

Be prepared to have a long wait. Instead of singing for your supper, you’ll be waiting for your brekker. If you’re there on Sunday thinking you’ll get seated immediately, be prepared for an hour’s wait. Come early and get your name on the list and hopefully you won’t have a long wait.


Ask for the fried pork chop and waffles, pancakes, Bellini, pecan French toast or biscuits. Not only is the food a great draw, but the décor and the friendly staff ensure that you keep coming back.

  • Rabbithole on Bedford Ave.

“You stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” If you stay near Bedford Avenue or don’t mind a bit of travel to get to this place, you can find out exactly just how lovely the rabbithole actually is. Try out the French toast with their homemade mascarpone which has a sweet buttercream taste that pairs beautifully with their French toast. If you like egg, you can try out one of their many varieties like egg Florentine, Eggs Benedict or poached eggs with Hollandaise.

It is considered to be the best in the area and the amount of reviews on many websites suggests that the patrons do believe so.